MHS8000 1000kg Large capacity platform lift – Goods Lift – Passenger Lift

Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift

Large capacity platform lift – Goods Lift – Passenger Lift

Lewis Manning Hospice; Located in Poole in Dorset, for the last 21 years, Lewis Manning Hospice has been dedicated to helping local residents with cancer and life limiting illnesses. The hospice has recently moved to a new state of the art facility to expand their day hospice.

Lewis Manning Hospice is devoted to helping local people cope with their illness and the changes that it brings to their lives.

The hospice vision is - To be the leading provider by choice in the provision of palliative care services in our field because the only time we have is now.
Business Needs - Lewis Manning Hospice required the installation of a platform lift that would enable the transportation of a nurse, bed and patient between the ground and first floor of the hospice. As well as being "as large as possible" to accommodate the requirements, the lift had to also fit in to an existing lift shaft.
Description of Solution - The MHS8000 large capacity platform lift, was the ideal solution for the access requirements at Lewis Manning Hospice. A vertical platform lift was the perfect low cost, no hassle choice to fit in to the existing building, as well as to accommodate the capacity requirements to transport patients in beds, accompanied by the Lewis Manning team.
It was stipulated from the initial enquiry that the lift needed to fit in to an existing lift shaft, so there were restrictions from the outset. However, with vast expertise in installations within existing environments, it was business as usual and the flexibility of 3 choices of size meant that the installation could go ahead with ease and minimal disruption.
In addition to this, the MHS8000's unique features of the 1000kg weight capacity and choice of the largest size platform measuring 1405mm in width by 2480mm provided a flexible access option for the varying needs that visitors to the hospice have.
The main requirement for the lift was to transport a nurse, bed and patient between the ground and first floor. Not only this, but there needed to be sufficient room for any accompanying equipment, such as drips or other auxiliary devices .
Although the option was available to select glazed shaft panels, the MHS8000 was being installed within an existing lift shaft this wasn't necessary, so the standard steel panels, powder coated in white, were selected. These provided a clean and bright appearance, complimenting the clean and bright. The features of a glazed door, providing visibility in an out of the lift, automatic lighting and an emergency battery lowering device, ensuring the lift can be lowered to the ground floor and exited with ease during power failure, meant that the MHS8000 large capacity lift has brought many benefits to the fantastic facilities at Lewis Manning.
Solution - MHS8000 Large Capacity Vertical Platform Lift
Technical Details
  • Available in 3 standard sizes:
  • 1405mm wide x 1980mm long
  • 1105mm wide x 2180mm long
  • 1405mm wide x 2480mm long
  • (Class III Health-care sizes)
  • 1000mm or 1300mm wide entrances.
  • Optional 1 hour steel or fully glazed fire rated doors.
  • Doors and shaft powder coated to any standard RAL colour.
  • Glazed shaft option available.
  • Lifting beam required.
  • 130mm floor recess required or ramp provided to lower entrance.
  • No separate machine room or control box required.
  • Automatic or LED shaft lighting to reduce power consumption.
  • One-touch landing call buttons.
  • All control buttons tactile and now with Braille markings
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Large capacity platform lift – Goods Lift – Passenger Lift

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